Create a compelling website (location, location, location)

According to UK General’s latest market insight survey, nearly 60% of brokers trade general insurance schemes via their own website. In 2014 this was just 24% - a huge increase in just two years. Furthermore, face-to-face selling has declined (from 47% to 39%) as has telephone telesales (from 71% to 59%).

If you are a more traditional broker, you can benefit from this shift in buying behaviour by investing in your website. Brokers need to trade more online – it’s the future.

A good website can:

  • Create the right impression and attract new customers
  • Inform customers about a number of products quickly
  • Open doors for conversations
  • Demonstrate your ability and expertise
  • Help you stand out from your competitors
  • Widen your reach

… and selling online means:

  • Clearer communications and better cash flow – Selling online enables you to communicate more information quickly. If the right information is displayed, you’re likely to attract and retain the customer on your site. This saves time and reduces costs, and since online trading payments are processed instantly this results in better cash flow.
  • Wider distribution/search-ability – Products tend to appeal to a specific market on a national scale rather than confined to one region, websites can be accessed nationwide.
  • Cross-selling – Online trading allows you to showcase all your products in one place and simple automation will highlight other policies that are complementary.

Always keep your customers in mind when designing your website:

  • What do they want to know?
  • What information is important to them?
  • What format should that information be in and how easy is it to find?
  • What will convince them to buy from you?

Keep the content on your website friendly and to the point. Be approachable and easily contactable and include calls to action wherever possible - get the customer to engage with you.