Scratch & Dent insurance cover details

What’s covered
  • Subject to a specific number of repairs every 12 months.
  • Using SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Technique) repair techniques we cover:
    • Paint chips which are less than 150mm in diameter,
    • Dents not exceeding 150mm in diameter,
    • Scratched less than 150mm in length,
    • Paint scuffs less than 150mm in diameter.
What’s not covered
  • Non-standard or customer paint finish.
  • More than 3 claims in any 12 months.
  • Any damage to stripes, stickers and vinyl wraps.
Optional cover
  • No optional covers.
Ways to trade
  • Schemes – Build your business by offering bespoke personal lines insurance which meets your customers’ exact needs.

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Market information
  • Most car dents are caused by careless opening of other car doors, shopping trolleys falling against the car and natural occurrences, for example hail stones.1
  • While in a car, hitting an object at 2.5 mph is enough to cause a dent.2
  • In 2008 vandals caused £250,000 of damage by scratching more than 80 parked cars in one street.3

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