Designed specifically for motorcycle owners, this product is an ideal add on product for motorcyclists.

Protective equipment such as this is often expensive however may not be covered under a standard motorcycle insurance policy.

Helmet & Leather insurance cover details

What’s covered
  • Damage to motorcycle clothing as a result of a motorcycle accident providing such accidents occur within the territorial limits.
  • The cost of repair or replacement of motor cycle clothing if it is damaged beyond repair (in the same form and style) as new as a result of a motorcycle accident.
What’s not covered
  • Direct/indirect loss or damage to motorocycle clothing with relation to:
    • Theft,
    • Accidental damage (other than as a result of a road traffic accident),
    • Depreciation,
    • Wear and tear or rot of any kind,
    • Fungus, mildew, insect or vermin,
    • Loss of value after we have made a payment to settle the claim.
  • Cost of replacing any undamaged Motorcycle Clothing forming part of a pair or set of the same type, colour or design if the damage happens to a particular area or specific part and a replacement cannot be matched.
  • Loss of or damage sustained to any clothing or other property belonging to any other person, including your passengers.
Optional cover
  • Personal Accident cover.
Ways to trade
  • Schemes – Build your business by offering bespoke personal lines insurance which meets your customers’ exact needs.

Explore the Helmet & Leather insurance market

Market information
  • Motorcycle helmets are made of ‘Styrofoam’.  Several layers of this specially designed material are precisely tailored in various densities which are designed to slow the rate of deceleration your head experiences in an impact.1
  • For professional riders, heavier materials and thicker, stronger leathers (i.e. kangaroo skin) are used for jackets, trousers and suits to help reduce damage to the body upon impact.2

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