With our sporting gun product, shooting equipment can be covered both inside and outside of the home, whilst being transported and used in outdoor pursuits and whilst being loaded by a person participating in a shoot.

Sporting Gun insurance cover details

What’s covered
  • Cost of repair or replacement of the guns, accessories, telescopic equipment and specialist vision equipment in the event of accidental damage, theft or loss.
  • The cost of hiring an alternative gun of equal value if you have already been registered to participate in an event for which you have already paid for and the hired gun is needed.
What’s not covered
  • Failure to follow manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions for the proper care and use of the gun.
  • Accessorises, specialist visual equipment or telescopic equipment used with a gun, but is not approved by the manufacturer of the gun.
  • Repairs including cleaning, inspection, routine servicing or maintenance.
  • Accidental damage caused by a barrel blow out unless regular and appropriate maintenance of the gun can be proved to have been carried out.
  • Inappropriate or misuse of ammunition and participation in any historical re-enactment.
  • Customisation or upgrades made to the insured equipment.
  • Mobile phones, GPS equipment, ammunition, perishable goods, clay pigeons and/or targets.
  • Insured equipment that has been outside the UK for more than 21 consecutive days.
  • Insured Equipment that has been hired out by the customer for a fee.
  • Traps.
Optional cover
  • Cover can be extended to include professional use at an additional cost, in addition to overseas cover up to 21 days.
  • Variable rating depending on the age and value of gun.
  • Option to add on cover for accessories, telescopic equipment and specialist vision equipment in addition to European and professional cover.
Ways to trade
  • Schemes – Build your business by offering bespoke personal lines insurance which meets your customers’ exact needs.

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Market information
  • The average cost of a gun is £5000.1
  • It’s illegal to shoot wildfowl on Christmas Day in England, Scotland and Wales.2

1, 2: https://basc.org.uk/media-centre/shooting-the-facts-for-journalists