Pets are an integral part of the family so when they become sick or injured, financial cover is often needed to help with the possibility of hefty bills.

An ideal product for individuals who cannot afford standard pet insurance, the cashplan is designed to meet needs of people who do not current insure their pets through a traditional pet policy. Furthermore, the policy also allows for older dogs and cats to be covered. 

Pet Cash Plan insurance cover details

What’s covered
  • Financial assistance towards vet treatment bills for dogs or cats
  • While the customer is responsible for paying the pet’s treatment upfront, a percentage of the overall cost can be claimed back
What’s not covered
  • Injury or illness which occurred before policy start date.
  • Accidental injury or illness occurring or showing clinical signs within fourteen days of policy start date.
  • Illness arising from a cause which would be routinely protected by a vaccination or booster, if the vaccinations for pet are not up to date.
  • Claims for routine, preventative, non-essential treatment or tests.
  • Dental treatment unless it is required as the direct result of an accident.
  • Treatment that is in any way connected with pet being pregnant, giving birth or rearing puppies or kittens.
  • Treatment for behavioural problems or an illness arising as a result of behavioural problems.
  • Referral, second opinion or specialist treatment which we have not authorised in writing.
  • Treatment not claimed for before policy is cancelled.
  • Accident or related illness which occurred outside of the UK.
  • Fees or costs incurred obtaining documentation required to process a claim.
  • Costs resulting from an illness or injury which are not directly related to the accident or illness for which the policyholder is claiming.
  • Costs for spaying or castration unless deemed necessary by the vet as part of the treatment of an injury or illness.
Optional cover
  • Accident only cover – up to 75% of the vet’s invoice, up to a maximum amount of £600 per accident.
  • Accident and illness essential cover – 50% of the vet’s invoice, up to a maximum amount of £600 per accident or £300 per illness.
  • Accident and illness plus cover – 75% of the vet’s invoice, up to a maximum amount of £600 per accident or £300 per illness.
Ways to trade
  • Schemes – Build your business by offering bespoke personal lines insurance which meets your customers’ exact needs.

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Market information
  • There are currently in excess of 57 million pets in the UK including 8.5 million dogs and 7.5 million cats.1
  • It is estimated that 40% of households have a pet in the UK.2
  • Three in every 10 people chose to get a pet from a charity.3
  • Fish and chips is the most popular takeaway to feed the nations pets.4
  • Did you know 37% of people in the UK have mixed up their pets’ names with the name of their partner or children!5

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