Our legal expenses insurance scheme can be tailored to a specific customer group or industry.

Cover to protect against adverse costs when the policyholder has failed to beat a Part 36 offer at trial is also available.

Legal Expenses insurance cover details

What’s covered
  • With 5 types of legal expense cover, we can tailor the perfect product for you:
    • Commercial legal protection – employee disputes and financial compensation.
    • Family legal protection – including consumer contract, property and employment disputes.
    • Landlord’s legal protection – offers protection against pursuing the cost of damage to rental property incurred by an tenant, possession of the property
    • Motor legal protection - offers protection against uninsured loss recovery, personal injury claims and legal helpline service.
    • Travel legal protection - protection against personal injury claims. (Exclusions and limitations apply).
What’s not covered
  • Where the claim does not have a Reasonable prospect of success
  • Any sum the insured is ordered to pay by way of a fine, costs, compensation or other financial penalty by a court in criminal proceedings
Optional cover
  • This product can be distributed as an added value product
  • Brokers have the ability to bespoke and tailor the policy to cover their own needs
  • Can also work as an additional income stream
Ways to trade
  • Schemes – Build your business by offering bespoke personal lines insurance which meets your customers’ exact needs.

Explore the Legal Expenses insurance market

Market information
  • Civil legal aid no longer exists and the financial costs in bringing or defending legal actions can be expensive to the extent that some might prevent from accessing justice on the grounds of cost.1
  • Legal expenses insurance provides a modest cost effective means of transferring the financial risks associated with litigation.2
  • The maximum reward to date for race discrimination is £800,0003
  • There are in excess of 400,000 workplace injuries4
  • There are almost 100,000 applications to employment tribunals5

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